Notes on Revelation 6:1-4 & 19:11-13

These are scenes in heaven, written from the viewpoint of those who are in heaven when the judgment get poured out. It’s not a question of if Christ comes back but when because we know that He is.

The first four seals are known as the Four Horsemen. They come in swiftly and render judgment. Remember, it is the Lamb who opens the seals and not the devil.

The first seal is compared to the sound of thunder when it is opened.

The devil cannot created. He can only pervert what has already been created.

The white horse in 6:2 is not the same as the white horse in chapter 19 upon which the Lamb sits. Then He shows up as a conqueror. He is angry with sin.

The rider of the white horse in 6:2 shows up with a bow (but not arrows). The antichrist sits upon this horse in imitation of Christ, but he is not yet able to conquer until the world lies down before him. The world gives him his crown.

The antichrist will do three things strategically: he will set up a one-world government (through peace and not war), he will bring about a one-world currency, he will set up a one-world religion.

This is another reason why the church will be gone before these events unfold. The church will not lie down for a one-world religion. The seat of this religion will be Rome, because it is the only geographic location that sits on seven hills, as it is prophesied.

Why will the Jewish people tolerate the antichrist? Israel has blinders on until God removes them. They are praying for the soon coming of the Messiah, for relief from persecution, and for a rebuilt temple. The Jews will initially perceive the antichrist as the answer to these prayers.

Currently, the site of the Jewish temple they are longing to rebuild is currently occupied by the Muslims’ Dome of the Rock. It is possible that the antichrist will allow the Jews to rebuild their temple there. But midway through the tribulation, when the antichrist breaks his peace treaty with Israel, he will commit the “abomination of desolation” by desecrating the temple. He will sit upon the throne and proclaim himself god. War will ensue. This is the second seal.

The second horse is red. This will end three-and-a-half years of peace and usher in war.

The third horse is black. This will be a time of famine when food is rationed out and very expensive.

The fourth horse is pale. This will be a time of pestilence and disease.

But we believers aren’t looking for antichrist. We are looking for Christ. We won’t be here for the seals.


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