We are just now beginning to learn the depths of Hillary Clinton’s depravity

With daily WikiLeaks dumps and an FBI investigation that appears to be picking up steam, we are finally beginning to understand the moral, criminal and ethical depravity that are the Clintons. The most frightening aspect to all of this is that we have a serial criminal and pathological liar who could be elected President of the United States in four days. Never in our nation’s history has someone so corrupt been so close to THE seat of ultimate power. Not only has Hillary Clinton used her family’s foundation to enrich herself and her family while on the government payroll, but she has consistently acted against the best interests of the country she is supposed to serve.

Every day there is a new revelation about the Clintons or one of their sleazy surrogates. Every day we learn something new about this scandalous candidate for president. It seems as though it will never end. And yet there is probably a great deal we don’t know and may never know. It all depends on who wins on Tuesday and if the federal government will pursue justice. If she wins, you can close the book on any sort of prosecution against the profligate Clinton criminal enterprise. If Donald Trump wins, he has already said he will pursue a criminal investigation.

If you are a Republican and you cannot unite around the idea of defeating Hillary Clinton, then I have to question your patriotism. And there are plenty of establishment Republicans out there, either in office, formerly in office, or in media, who are actively rooting against Donald Trump. If you don’t like Donald Trump, then fine. That’s not the issue. But if the idea of defeating Hillary Clinton does not motivate you in some way, then there is something very wrong with your judgment. If you can’t “hold your nose” and vote for Donald Trump, then you are part of the reason why the Republican Party has become so ineffective. I can say this because I “held my nose” and voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney in 2008 and 2012 precisely because I did not want a President Obama. You can do the same, Mr. Establishment Republican.


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