Life, liberty and the pursuit of holiness (1 Peter 1:8b-12)

We are passionately in love with a Jesus we have never seen. The faith of a believer is bigger and greater and more powerful than the sight of a non-believer. If you can explain God then you are not worshipping the God of the Bible.

1. Our love and understanding of Christ produces an overwhelming joy than cannot be described. We are filled with a joy unspeakable. The joy of the Lord is our strength. There are some things we can’t even describe, and our joy we have in Christ has no definition. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. And in the eternal, we will cross over the river and will need no faith because we will be in His divine presence. The salvation of our souls, our complete redemption, is the reward of our having faith.

2. When it’s all said and done, nothing shall separate us from the grip of grace. God loves us for His own glory. We have done nothing to cause Him to love us. Nothing can take us away from God. No earthly circumstance can separate us from Christ. Because of the love of Christ, we don’t have to walk around victimized but victorious. Not even death can take us away from the love of Christ. Our sin and poor choices cannot separate us from the Lord.

The Old Testament prophets searched and diligently inquired about the gospel because they did not know about the Messiah. They preached a grace they could not even understand. Their preaching wasn’t for their benefit, but for ours. The spirit of Christ in the Old Testament was in the prophecies. We don’t serve a dead Jew in a Palestinian tomb, but a risen Lord who was revealed even by the prophets. They were predicting something they knew was coming; they looked forward to something that today we look back on. But they didn’t understand these things. They did not know the Holy Spirit. Even the angels don’t understand these concepts because we are told they desire to look into them.

3. In the Old Testament Jesus was concealed. In the New Testament Jesus was revealed. Both are a testament to Jesus. We could say the Old Testament was pregnant with Jesus. The New Testament gave birth to Him. For 400 years before Christ was born, God was silent. There were no prophets, no oracles. And then came John the Baptist preaching a message of repentance. We have something that angels and the prophets never experienced. The prophets were life-changing individuals empowered by God and they didn’t have nearly as much to work with as we do. We have a message that confuses angels and yet we do nothing with it.


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