Product review: TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones

I’ve been in the market the last few months for a reliable pair of Bluetooth headphones for running. After much research, I settled on a TaoTronics pair that I ordered from Amazon. The product came with reasonably good user reviews, and the price of $26.99 made it worth the risk.

When I purchase earbuds for running, they have to meet three qualifications: they have to sound really good, they have to stay in my ears while running, and they have to be sweat resistant. It’s not easy to find a set that meets all three. I’ve been using Skullcandy earbuds for years. I am on my third set and they gave out last week. I am planning on upgrading to an iPhone 7 soon, and the latest technology is headed toward Bluetooth-only. So I decided to cut the cord.

With all that said, I am extremely impressed with TaoTronics. I ran a 10K with them this morning and they performed admirably. The sound is crisp and dynamic with excellent highs and lows. They are sufficiently loud, but not quite as loud as my Skullcandy earbuds (which is probably best). They proved themselves sweat-resistant, because I do sweat a lot. And they stayed in my ears. In fact, they never budged. The Bluetooth connection also proved reliable, with only a minimum of brief “cut-outs.”

For the price, you can’t beat this seat of headphones. I may even use them for times when I’m not running, as they’re better than the over-the-ear headphones I use at other times. So if anyone out there is looking for a quality set of Bluetooth earbuds for sports, I’d look no further.


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