President Donald J. Trump

I love typing those words.

Seventeen months ago, Donald Trump decided to leave the comfort of a billionaire’s lifestyle and enter the morass of American politics. No one gave him a chance. After all, he’s a businessman who has never held or even run for public office. What could he possibly hope to accomplish competing against a field of experienced politicians?

From the outset, he spoke a language that resonated with Republican voters fed up with milquetoast estabshment politicians. And so he fought the GOP establishment, broke every rule, did what he was told couldn’t be done, and won his party’s nomination.

The he took on the Democrat Party/media conglomerate armed only with an America-first message and the Stars and Stripes, and he won the presidency. Donald Trump fought the most uphill battle you could ever imagine and pulled off what the media are calling the biggest political upset in history.

President Trump had very little help from the GOP. His fellow Republicans, except for a handful of faithful patriots, abandoned him. It was really just Trump, talk radio, and us rank-and-file Americans who refused to accept mediocrity as the new American normal.

I genuinely believe Donald Trump pursued and won the presidency as a sacrificial gesture. He could have continued to enjoy the luxury of a billionaire’s lifestyle without ever lowering himself into the sewer of our political system. But he genuinely loves and believes in America and wasn’t ready to watch the republic, the greatest nation the world has ever known, slip away into that endless winter night. The political stakes had never been higher during my lifetime, and last night Donald Trump and the American people rescued the country from a death march toward globalization and unfettered liberalism.

Thank you, President Trump.


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