8 wasted years: rolling back the Obama agenda

Look for Barack Obama to stay in Washington after his term ends in order to remain close to the seat of power and protect his legacy. Every time Donald Trump and/or the GOP make a move to undo anything Obama has done, he’ll be there with his media surrogates to criticize. All he has now is his legacy: a legacy of 8 wasted years. It didn’t have to be this way.

I cannot come up with a single thing Barack Obama did in 8 years that made any sort of positive impact on the American people. Instead, he is leaving President Trump one giant spill to mop up. This cleanup involves rolling back as much of Obama’s agenda as possible.

* ObamaCare is the disaster we all knew it would be. None of what Obama said about his signature entitlement was true. You can’t keep your plan. In many cases you can’t keep your doctor. And premiums certainly didn’t go down $2,500. They are skyrocketing. Trump campaigned on a “repeal & replace” promise, and this will have to be done pronto while he has a GOP House & Senate to work with.

* The Obama presidency was marred by the rise of ISIS and the spread of militant Islam across Europe and certainly here in the U.S. Jihadists were coddled by this president. Trump actually calls them what they are, and has promised to halt the flood of Muslim refugees as a potential Trojan horse. It’s time to get serious about defeating radical Islamic terrorists.

* There are 94.6 million Americans not working. No government program is going to fix this. Trump has promised to cut taxes, including corporate taxes, in order to bring jobs back home that have been forced overseas.

* No one has issued executive orders the way Obama has. It became his method of bypassing Congress. A lot of his orders add burdensome regulations on the private sector. President Trump has said he will repeal these orders. It’s easy to do. I hope this is the first thing he does.

* In 8 years of Obama, he has essentially doubled the national debt to nearly $20T. This has got to stop.

We elected the first black president eight years ago. And we have dearly paid the price for this shortsighted novelty. I’m so thankful we refused to elected Hillary Clinton just to have a female president. These cults of personality are extremely costly. We will soon have an adult back in the White House, and his first task will be to undo the damage wrought by the man-child we’ve been stuck with since 2009.


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