Is the cup half-empty or half-full?

Election Day 2016 was won by Donald Trump in an electoral landslide. Despite this, Hillary Clinton had a slight edge in the popular vote. Each candidate received about 48% of the vote, with the remainder distributed among various third-party candidates.

While I’m grateful for Trump’s marvelous win, I’m a bit shaken by the fact that 48% of American voters sided with someone who has so obviously engaged in criminal activity, is so obviously corrupt, so willingly and brazenly lies to the voters, and adheres to a failed ideology. Are we really that close to going over the edge as a country?

At the same time, I find it refreshing that Donald Trump received 48% of the vote given the monolithic media machine and political establishment that was aligned against him. Were Hillary Clinton a Republican, her crimes and corruption would have been so thoroughly exposed that her candidacy would have been destroyed before ever taking off. But she’s a Democrat, and so her media surrogates covered up her corruption as best they could, while at the same time generating faux outrage over a handful of unsavory comments Trump made about women (while ignoring the Clintons’ own egregious treatment of various women).

On top of this, who can possibly know the depths of the Democrats’ voter fraud? From the early voting right up through Election Day, we were treated to numerous stories of individuals voting multiple times, election officials filling out stacks of ballots, voting machines changing (or denying) GOP votes to Democrat. And President Obama even encouraged illegals to vote (Democrat, of course).

So while it’s disturbing that so many voters supported a crook, it’s also encouraging that nearly the same number of voters were able to cut through the media’s distortion in their support of Donald Trump.

President Trump is right. The system is rigged. Trump voters had to show up in large enough numbers to overcome Democrat cheating, and we did. This is why one of his campaign slogans was “Drain the Swamp.” In a fair election where each candidate would be treated fair, Trump would have won by an enormous margin. But it’s rigged, and Trump had to overcome numerous hurdles on his way to victory, which makes his improbable run to the presidency all the more improbable.


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