The genius of the electoral college

Given that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a small margin on Election Day but still lost the election, expect to hear demands from the left that we scrap the electoral college and go to a strict popular vote. This is a terrible idea, because the electoral college has served us so well for more than 200 years. We do not live in a pure democracy. We live in a representative democracy called a “republic.” This is how it works in a republic. We have representatives who represent us in Congress, and we have representatives who represent us in the electoral college.

Below is the county-by-county outcome of the presidential election. A few areas are still undecided, but look how much of the country is red. The blue areas tend to be centered around urban areas that tilt Democrat. The rest of the country is Republican. Even a blue state like New York is mostly red geographically. The electoral college is a wonderful system in which each state has proportional stake in the process of electing the U.S. president. It’s best to let it be.


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