I guess love didn’t trump hate, after all

As expected, we’re seeing leftists protest in some of our cities in the wake of Donald Trump’s election on Tuesday. We do know from WikiLeaks and Project Veritas that a lot of this is funded by George Soros — the “top-down” protests we commonly see from the left. There has been violence, destruction of property, assaults and police shootings — you know, the things leftists are known for when they don’t get their way.

We’re also seeing a great deal of consternation on college campuses. The generation of “everyone gets a trophy” doesn’t handle losing very well. Some colleges are offering counseling for those traumatized by the results of this democratic election we have every 4 years. As a friend of mine pointed out yesterday, the younger generation has never experienced a loss. If you are a Democrat voter under 30, this is the first election in which you have voted where your candidate lost. They can’t handle it. How will they function in the adult world? Elections haven’t always turned out well for me, either, but I always manage to get up and go to work the next day as though nothing happened.

At any rate, the ones who lectured us that love trumps hate sure are showing a lot of hate.

Those who accuse us white people of racism for electing a white candidate over the other white candidate sure are showing a great deal of racism toward white people.

Those who insisted that when we go low, they go high are today resorting to violence, threats and name-calling.

Those who demand tolerance tend to be the most intolerant of us all.

These are all Democrats. This is who they are. This is why it was such a pleasure defeating them at the polls two days ago. Thank God we are putting the adults back in charge after 8 years of a petulant man-child and his adolescent supporters and surrogates. Now we have a huge mess to clean up in order to make America great again.


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