Politicians as religious figures

I’ve made the point here before that liberals tend to view their political leaders as quasi-religious figures. We saw this a great deal when Barack Obama came to power in 2008 because he was treated as a messianic figure by his supporters, hence the monicker “Obamessiah.”

We have just elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. I’m sure by now you have seen the tears, the social media rants and the genuine fear coming mainly from the younger generation in the wake of the election. In some ways this has been eye-opening, because I’ve never seen this type of reaction after an election. The last time we elected a Republican president was 2004, and although their was rancor, it was nothing like what we’re seeing this time.

I think I understand why.

As a Christian, my ultimate faith and trust is in Jesus Christ. I understand that all politicians of all parties and persuasions are just like me — sinners in need of a Savior. Obviously, I have a strong preference for some candidates over others, but my faith has never been invested in a politician. God transcends politics and that’s where my faith is.

Obviously, belief in Christ is far less prevalent over on the left. Politics tends to be the religion of leftists, and so their political leaders are also their religious figures. Government is their church. Abortion is their sacrament, and so on. Hillary Clinton was their savior. Donald Trump is their devil. And that’s why we’re seeing the reaction that we are.


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