Quote du jour

The Maha Rushie made several predictions on Friday — he’s been making them all week, in fact — regarding the illegal alien vote and how it will tarnish Hillary Clinton’s presumed popular vote win. She leads by a few hundred thousand votes, but all the votes have yet to be counted, so we don’t know how it will turn out in the end. It doesn’t matter, though. Trump will win the electoral college 306-232. At any rate, here’s Rush:

I will predict that before this is all said and done, a lot of illegal aliens will be found to have voted, in the millions. You wait. Let me rephrase it. I won’t be surprised if this happens, and it will be enough to blow apart whatever theory these people have that Hillary won the popular vote, because you’ll have to take those illegal votes out, and when that happens, she will not have won anything. Popular vote, Electoral College. Don’t doubt me.



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