Everything is racist, so nothing is racist

The left is in an apoplexy since the election of Donald J. Trump a week ago. I freely confess to enjoying the meltdown con mucho gusto. It is quite entertaining to watch those in the media and in politics who have lied to us so much for so long get smacked down by the American people. Leftists in the media and in office have been reduced to calling Trump voters — all of us — and at least one of Trump’s appointees racist. It’s literally their only ammo.

And you thought love trumps hate.

I’m done trying to defend myself and the people I vote for from the racist accusation. It doesn’t mean anything to be called racist anymore. The word has completely lost its meaning. A racist is simply anyone who disagrees with a liberal. I and others I personally know who don’t have a racist bone in their body as nonetheless called racist because of our political leanings.

And you thought when we go low they go high.

I’m not one to sit around and think about race all day. But liberals are obsessed with race. Liberals will create a racial angle to most any issue, even when race isn’t involved in the least. So maybe it is our accusers who are the true racists. Thus, whenever I come across a racist accusation, I’m simply going to turn it around. It doesn’t do any good to debate the issue any longer. We can no longer have civil discussions on race. I blame this entirely on the left. So from here on after, anyone on the left who launches a racist accusation is guilty of projecting their own racism. Call me a racist? Then your a racist. Fair enough.


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