Be the type of person statists fear most

Statists (aka liberals, progressives, Democrats) exist to exert control over other people. I honestly cannot relate to this sort of mindset, as I’ve never really sought to control others. I’ve always been content to live my own life and let others live theirs. But there are individuals who prescribe to a certain political philosophy that requires a lust for power and the arrogance to believe they know what’s best for the rest of us. The Democrat Party has become the manifestation of this political philosophy.

We have two major political parties in the U.S. The statists make their home in the Democrat Party. Conservatives generally make their home in the Republican Party. I actually consider myself more of a libertarian, but, as a friend recently pointed out, the Libertarian Party is not a viable option in our political system because libertarians prescribe to a system of self-rule, and a large majority of Americans need a leader. I consider myself more of a pragmatist than an ideologue — as Rush Limbaugh often asserts, I live in “Realville” — and so I just declare myself a conservative as a matter of practicality.

Statists hate us, and I don’t use that term lightly. They hate us not because we conservatives seek power over them, but because we resist their attempts to exert power over us. Anyone who has no need for statist rule is a threat to statists. The best thing you can do as an American is be the kind of person who doesn’t need statists. This requires two things: first, you have to vigorously and consistently assert your own individual liberty. Statists never take time off from contriving ways to subvert your autonomy, so you have to fight like crazy to keep what’s yours. Second, you have to be smart enough and informed enough to be the kind of person statists can’t lie to, because statists will make up any lie in order to convince you that you need them. So you’ll have to immerse yourself in alternative media and avoid — and I mean completely avoid — the mainstream press. And it wouldn’t hurt to immerse yourself in American history, especially early American history, and the great minds that produced the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Regarding that second point, Rush Limbaugh had a terrific quote yesterday that is entirely apropos to this post, remarking, “We’re just gonna have steel ourselves here and the default reaction to any media story that has anything incredulously stupid, dumb, or negative about Trump is to not believe it, folks. That has to become our default position.”

So assert yourself and insist on your individual liberty and make yourself into the kind of personal intellectually that cannot be lied to by statists, either those in the media or in office (or seeking office). Do this and statists will both despise you and fear you.


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