Notes on Revelation 6:9-17

Remember from last week that it isn’t antichrist who opens the seals but the Lamb. Christ is the only one with the power to accomplish this. Verse 9 features the souls of the martyrs, those who were slain for their faith. The influence of the word of God was so strong in these people’s lives that they laid down their lives for the cause of Christ.

Would you or I truly be willing to give up our lives for Jesus?

Christianity is not ultimately about us being right, but about God being vindicated for who He is.

In verse 11, the souls of the martyrs are given white robes. God considered these people winners. He was honoring them for their sacrifice. And He gave them rest. Indeed, in God’s kingdom, we will all get rest.

There is a certain number of people who will make up the bride of Christ. Of this group is an elite number who will become martyrs. Do we want to be part of this number? Martyrdom doesn’t just kill the person. It also propagates God’s message.

In verse 12, the Lamb opens the sixth seal and it results in a great earthquake. Here, man doesn’t bring about God’s judgment. God cuts off man and renders judgment Himself. (In its original language, the word we know as “earthquake” means “convulsion.”) Likewise, the sun will be blackened and the moon will be reddened. This could be the result of widespread volcano activity.

We are also told that the stars will fall into the earth. This could be meteorites falling to earth. Indeed, the entire universe if but a hand breadth to God. (It is a frightening thing to incur His wrath.) The entire face of the earth will be altered: every mountain and island.

This is just one out of 21 cataclysmic judgments throughout Revelation.

In verse 15, we learn that there are other world leaders besides antichrist. From the rich to the poor, including the kings of the earth, all will hide themselves from God. Verse 16 is the first time in Revelation that judgment is divine and not natural. Even these lost people recognize the wrath of the Lamb. (By now, it is too late.) This is the great day of His wrath.

His wrath is inevitable. It will come. And nobody knows when this day will come. By the time God is pushed to the point of pouring out His wrath, we are past the point of grace.

Unfortunately, our pulpits are weak and men are not preaching the word of God. Judgment is coming and man must be warned. There isn’t another book in the Bible that we can watch being fulfilled in the news every day. Despite this, men still spit in the face of God. There is no end to the rebellion of a depraved heart. A man who defies God is dangerous, because if he disregards God, he will disregard his fellow man.


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