Life, liberty and the pursuit of holiness (1 Peter 1:22-25)

This is our 6th and final week in 1 Peter 1.

The only way you and I can get to know God is through the person and the works of Jesus Christ. It is better to put trust in the Lord than confidence in man. You will be disappointed if you trust in man, but God will never disappoint. We have been made alive in Christ, through His death, burial & resurrection. He is our only opportunity. Old things are become new. Because of this we must show genuine love of the brethren. This is how the world knows we know Jesus Christ.

1. Obedience to the truth not only purifies our hearts, it purifies our relationships. We cannot love one another unless we first love God and His gospel the way we are supposed to. The church is the worst place in the world to lie about people. The truth of Jesus Christ has transformed us. In Acts, they sold their belongings to make sure others in the congregation did not go without. The evidence of His power is that it continually purifies our disconnected relationships.

Five things about how you and I and our relationships ought to look:

  1. We speak to each other with kindness.
  2. We serve each other with gladness.
  3. We pray for each other fervently.
  4. We give to each other sacrificially.
  5. We protect each other dogmatically.

The world doesn’t want us, the devil can’t have us, so all we have is each other in Christ.

Peter was the apostle to the Jewish nation. 

2. The Bible places a major emphasis upon the new birth. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. You might consider yourself a pretty good person, but pretty good people go to Hell every day. We must be born again. This is obviously a spiritual birth, a spiritual awakening. The first birth (physical) brings us into sin. It is our new birth which brings about our salvation. We are born lost. Original sin is within us. Adam & Eve were spiritual representatives of the entire world. They did what we all would have done. Jesus came to do for us what we could never do for ourselves. And that is the gospel. Through the word of God we are born of incorruptible seed. Without the word of God we don’t even grasp the purpose of salvation. All flesh is like grass: here today and gone tomorrow. The dynasties of man likewise fade away.

3. The purity and power of God’s word will never diminish. God’s character and God’s word are incommutable. Even God has elevated His word above His own name. And His name is so sacred that the ancient Israelites wouldn’t even write it out. The Bible must be a bedrock foundation for everything we do. Facebook will one day die an agonizing death and God’s word will still be the same. The Bible is like a sword. It will stand through time to eternity. That’s why public schools are afraid of it. The world isn’t afraid of the Koran, but it is afraid of the Bible. The church in America is so enemic because it isn’t feeding itself properly.


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