Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, which helps validate Billy Joel’s lamentation that only the good die young. It has been remarkable to watch and listen to the mainstream press and other leftists lionize the former Communist dictator, murderer, and thug.

Folks, there is absolutely nothing about communism or its leaders to be lionized. There are no redeeming qualities. There is nothing worthy of emulation. It is human tyranny in its worst form.

While noted leftist and Hillary puppet Jill Stein notes, “Fidel Castro was a symbol of the struggle for justice in the shadow of empire.” This woman is a medical doctor, yet her platitudes regarding the deceased dictator reveal her to be either profoundly ignorant of the realities of communism or so devoted to the leftist cause that she can simply shrug off the human rights violations that occurred in Cuba during Castro.

None of the leftists who are praising Castro as some sort of revolutionary hero never had to live under Castro’s communist regime. While these ivory tower liberals look to Castro and his sidekick Che Guevara as icons of radicalism, those who actually have real world experience in Castro’s Cuba celebrated in the streets of Miami upon news of the despot’s death.

How many times have you seen images and footage of Cubans risking their lives on overcrowded boats escaping the Castro regime for the U.S.? This tells you everything you need to know about life in Cuba under Castro. Believe me, there’s not a shred of Castro’s legacy worthy of praise. He was a murderer who imprisoned his political opponents, impoverished his country, and committed numerous other human rights violations.

Look at who is praising Fidel Castro today, both in politics and in the media and entertainment worlds. These are the enemies of freedom-loving people.

Noted opponent of capitalism rocking the Adidas logo

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