Profiting from the decency of others

One of the things I have noticed about politics for some time but have been unable to put into words (until now) is this: those who have no decency appeal to those of us with decency to vote for the most indecent of all.

Let me give you an example. Donald Trump has said some crude things about women in the past (some of which is actually correct and deserved). But he did say some things that those of us who consider decency a moral objective would never have said. The left ran a campaign almost exclusively on the premise that Trump said mean things about women.

But who are these people making accusations against Trump? Are they decent people? Not by a long shot. They are despots in the Democrat party, liars in the media, and hedonists in the entertainment industry. I am under no illusion that they were genuinely offended by anything Trump said. Again, we’re talking about people with no decency appealing to those of us with decency.

So what did they expect us to do? Well, obviously, the objective was to get us so offended about Trump that our decency would direct us to vote for Hillary. Of course, this requires a great deal of cover-up and spin, because Hillary was the most indecent of them all. How ironic is it that those with no decency made such passionate appeal to those of us with decency to use our decency to turn on Trump? I guess it’s not ironic at all. These are leftists, after all. You can’t change them. Just know them for who they are and what they do and never, ever vote for them or believe anything they tell you.


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