First day of fake winter

Today is December 1. It is the first day of meteorological winter, which I saw written today as the first day of fake winter. Real winter begins on December 21.

Winter is my least favorite time of year, owing to the cold weather and short days. But there’s nothing I can do about it, so I may as well make the most of it. I’ve tried making a list of everything I love about winter. So far there is only one item on my list: no yard work. But I’m trying to get creative and come up with something to love about winter.

This evening Mrs. Lefty and I are going to do most of our Christmas shopping. We don’t have much to buy and it shouldn’t take very long. We managed to skip Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today doesn’t have a catchy shopping name. It’s just plain ol’ Thursday.

I want it to snow, but then I don’t. It’s always a pleasure to watch but a pain to navigate. The cost/benefit ratio may actually be a negative figure.

I just came up with a second reason to love winter, but then promptly forgot it, so the list remains at one entry.

I continue to enjoy — college basketball is the 2nd reason I love winter — my boycott of the NFL. There are so many things I prefer doing with that 6 or 7 hours that football is on Sunday (ten hours if you count Sunday Night Football). Does anyone seriously watch football for ten straight hours?

My wife recently asked me about getting an ice scraper for our son, who is in Memphis at college. I don’t figure he needs one. He probably sleeps until 10 or later every morning and by then the frost has always melted. And as far as snow and ice, we don’t hardly get any of that here in Nashville, and it’s even warmer in Memphis, so they get even less.

I don’t mean to come across as judgmental or anything, but have you noticed the Christmas decorations some people set out in their yards, like those big inflatable Santas and what-not? Seriously, the things people spend their money on I just can’t understand. Ultimately, we don’t buy things with money but with hours from our lives.

I just thought of a third thing I love about winter: Trump’s inauguration next month.


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