We’re already winning

It was announced a couple of days ago that Carrier is keeping 1,000+ of its manufacturing jobs in Indiana after first announcing they were moving to Mexico. Thank you, President Trump. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet and he’s already getting results and fulfilling campaign promises.

Where is Obama during all this? Couldn’t he have done any of this himself? What must it feel like to watch an adult doing the job you ought to have been doing all along? Indeed, the man-child has been reduced to just a child. For 8 years he stood around and let things like this happen without doing anything to help. And all he’s ever done is blame other people and done everything possible to avoid responsibility.

Trump his filling his cabinet and other positions at a dizzying pace, bringing in winners with real-world experience. Contrast this with Obama’s cabinet, which is filled largely with academics and theoreticians with no practical experience and couldn’t so much as drive a nail straight.

Barack Obama seems more inconsequential than ever. Donald Trump is already putting together what Obama broke without the power of the presidency at his disposal. That will change in 7 weeks. Until then, Obama remains dangerous, because he does still control the power of the presidency and can still break things. But how refreshing is it to have an actual adult waiting to take back the reigns of power?


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