Life, liberty and the pursuit of holiness (1 Peter 2:1-3)

The word of God and its influence will far surpass anything the enemy throws our way. It is when the Bible is preached that it changes people’s lives. It teaches us to live like saved people. Your relationship with people is in direct proportion to your relationship with Christ.

1. How I think, speak and act toward others is a direct result of my walk with God. The common denominator to every relationship you’ve ever had is you. Instead of trying to fix each other, let’s instead let God fix us. You are as kind to others as you want to be. If you want to be a jerk, God will let you. People will know that we are followers of Christ by how we treat one another. Satan cannot destroy the church from without, so he seeks to destroy us from within. Make sure your relationships are whole. The way you think about and perceive someone is ultimately how you will treat that person.

A half-truth is a whole lie. There should therefore be no guile or deceit between us, just complete and open honesty. The church is indeed full of hypocrites. They are everywhere. Still, we should not claim to live one way yet live another. This sort of phoniness will destroy our relationships and our church. Be who you are wherever you go. When we grow is when no one is around and we make decisions only for God.

Likewise, we cannot be envious about what God is doing in other churches. Let’s rejoice over what God is doing in other churches. Let us rejoice in each other’s blessings. Jealousy creates bitterness and temptation.

We cannot grow without the word of God. When it takes hold on the inside, it manifests itself on the outside. You cannot remain a spiritual baby your entire your life. You have to grow as a believer. You cannot grow without the truth and principles of the word of God. We must be devouring the word of God daily. We have to desire the “milk of the word.”

Instead, we are too often full of the world’s junk and not the word of God. We aren’t hungry for the word.

2. The word of God is our only true source of growth and maturity. We have copies of the Bible literally everywhere. Yet we are the most anemic generation in the history of the church because we don’t desire the word. The word of God is the real issue when it comes to church growth.

When it comes to the Bible:

  1. Read it consistently.
  2. Study it passionately.
  3. Memorize it effectively.
  4. Share it faithfully.
  5. Believe it dogmatically.
  6. Live it daily.

If you don’t practice the word of God you diminish its effectiveness. The word of God is like food to us. It is nourishment for our souls.

The Lord is gracious. He is a good God. If we take a moment and see how good God has been in our lives, it will bring us to our knees.

3. The abundant goodness of God should humble and motivate us. If we have truly tasted His goodness, we will have no desire for what the world has to offer. We have a whole lot more than what we don’t have. We have resources the rest of the world would love to have and yet we complain. If we truly got what we deserved, we’d be in Hell. Regardless of our lot in life, God is good. In good times and in bad, God is still good. Nothing the world can ever offer tastes nearly as good as what God offers. We can never do anything to make God love us any more or any less than He already does. It’s not what He does that makes Him good, but who He is.

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