Quitting the news

The other day I came across a rather insightful blog post penned by someone who decided to quit the news, and the changes that occurred when he did. In summary, the writer made the following five points:

  1. You feel better.
  2. You were never actually accomplishing anything by watching the news.
  3. Most current-events-related conversations are just people talking out of their [rear ends].
  4. There are much better ways to “be informed.”
  5. “Being concerned” makes us feel like we’re doing something when we’re not.

The author further elaborates on each point, and I read his discussion with great interest, because I, too, quit the news years ago and seem to have found a kindred spirit. Pretty much everything he came to realize after quitting the news are things I have also realized. Indeed, my time is extremely valuable, and is much better spent on self-improvement than watching/reading news.


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