Quote du jour

Rush Limbaugh yesterday on the absurd notion that Russia had anything to do whatsoever with the outcome of our presidential election:

Did Vladimir Putin secretly persuade Hillary Clinton to take off most of August? Did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary, “You don’t need to go to Wisconsin! You got it in the bag. You don’t need to go to these Blue Wall states. You own them, Hillary! Don’t waste your time. In fact, Hillary, you don’t even need to campaign. Just sit there and recuperate. You don’t need to even leave your house, Hillary.” Did Vladimir Putin drug Hillary Clinton causing her to collapse into a van and have a seizure on 9/11? Did Putin secretly tell Trump where to go and do his campaign right in the middle of the urban core? Did Putin tell Trump to make a pitch for votes based on an economic message of jobs, jobs, jobs, and Make America Great Again? Did Putin do all that? Did Putin come up with Trump’s campaign slogan? Did Putin secretly cut a deal with that babe on Saturday Night Live to portray Hillary Clinton to Millennials as an unlikable, power-hungry, humorless, robot politician?



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