10 random musings

I love getting credit card offers that promise me 0% APR until some predefined date in the future. I don’t have a credit card. I have 0% APR forever.

AT&T recently added a feature to their data plans that does away with overage charges. As soon as you hit your high speed data limit, they simply slow you down to 2G speeds until the end of your billing cycle. I like this much better. I don’t like having to worry about going over our data limit.

I recently broke down and restarted my SiriusXM subscription. I’ve sort of changed the way I listen to music, listening less to music I’ve already purchased and owned for years and heard many times over and instead listening more to music I’ve never sampled. SiriusXM plays some really good jazz. So does Apple Radio. But I listen to other genres, too. The other day I listened to albums by Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane and the Byrds. I really enjoyed those.

The new Culver’s in Mt. Juliet is long overdue. Their hamburgers are the best, they serve crinkle-cut fries, and you can get diet root beer. Do you know how hard it is to find diet root beer?

Russia did not hack our election. There was never any need for a recount. And global warming is still a hoax. These are all examples of fake news. The left is the primary purveyor of fake news.

When your college student returns home for Christmas break, it’s every bit the adjustment as when he moved away. It doesn’t take long to get used to an empty nest.

Every time it rains, I give quiet thanks for our new roof.

The iPhone 7 truly is a technological marvel. And I haven’t even explored all the features yet.

Every year we get fewer and fewer Christmas cards. Sending Christmas cards seems to be going out of style.

College kids spend a lot of money.


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