Obama’s scapegoats

Years ago, Rush Limbaugh posited the “Limbaugh Theorem” to explain why President Obama is never held accountable for the consequences of his ruinous policies. His theory is that Obama isn’t seen as governing. There are all these unseen forces working against him and he isn’t responsible for anything.

For example, the chronic high unemployment of the past 8 years, along with our anemic (or non-existent) economic growth aren’t Obama’s fault. It’s George W. Bush’s fault. Even though Bush left office in January, 2009, he apparently has had more of an impact on our economy that the man-child who has occupied the White House for nearly 8 years.

The exploding healthcare costs resulting from ObamaCare aren’t the fault of ObamaCare. Remember, Obama said our premiums would go down by $2,500 and if you liked your doctor, you would get to keep your doctor. If you liked your plan, you would get to keep that, too. But none of that actually played out. ObamaCare is on the verge of imploding. But it’s not because of ObamaCare. It’s the fault of greedy insurance companies.

The war and refugee crisis in Syria is the fault of climate change.

Our four dead state department employees in Benghazi weren’t the result of any failures on the part of the Obama administration, but resulted from an obscure YouTube video.

The rise in Islamic jihadism is the result of “Islamophobia.”

Trump’s electoral victory was in no way a repudiation of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or their policies. It was the fault of Vladimir Putin.


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