Hillary loses for the third time in 2016

Not since William Jennings Bryan has a presidential candidate failed so spectacularly as Hillary Clinton these past six weeks. She has run for president twice, but has lost a total of four times — once to Barack Obama in 2008 in the Democrat primary and three times to Donald Trump this year. (The Donald was right. We’re going to win so much we might actually get tired of winning.)

Hillary lost on Election Day, November 8. Heretofore, the losing candidate has accepted defeat and moved on and the Electoral College has been just a formality. But this year, Hillary Clinton raised losing to a new art. You see, despite the election being over and easily decided for Trump, the presidential campaign continued.

First, using Jill Stein as a front person, the Clinton campaign tried to force recounts in three battleground states won by Trump: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The entire recount was based on #fakenews, meaning it was entirely contrived. The only evidence ever found of vote tampering came out of Detroit, where it was found that votes for Hillary were significantly over-counted. Otherwise, Trump actually gained votes in Wisconsin. Eventually, responsible adults pulled the plug on the recount, sending the petulant Democrats to a second loss.

So with the recount having failed, Democrats next turned their attention to the Electoral College, where they pulled out all the stops trying to steal the election again, or at least send the election to the House of Representatives by denying Trump his 270 votes. This is where Russia tempering with our election became the new #fakenews, and the Democrats and mainstream press made a final push to hack the election. Democrats threatened the electors, tried to bribe them, and did any number of things to overturn the Electoral College — some of which is illegal. So far, the Democrats’ final grand effort has led to two faithless Trump electors in Texas. However, four of Hillary’s electors in Washington cast votes for someone else, resulting in a net loss of two electoral votes for Hillary. So today marks HRC’s third loss in 2016.

I find this incredibly funny.

The irony here is that at one time, Democrats, including President Obama, we apoplectic over Donald Trump’s wait-and-see approach regarding accepting the election results and accused him threatening the democratic process. This turned out to be projection. It is the Democrats who have not accepted the election results and have done everything in their power to undermine the election of Donald J. Trump. What Democrats have shown is that they care not one whit about the will of the American people when the people choose someone other than the Democrats. This is who liberals are and what they do.

And as far as Hillary Clinton losing three times in just one election? Go ahead and laugh yourself silly.


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