Product review: Avantree over-ear Bluetooth headphones

I have been shopping around for a pair of high-quality Bluetooth headphones for some time, preferably over-ear. I have researched extensively, reading specs and product reviews all the way from top-of-the-line Bose products down to generic $20 or $30 headphones.

I wanted headphones that sounded superior, but also was unwilling to pay $200 or $300+ on high-end Bose or Beats headphones. So there had to be a “happy medium” somewhere, a pair of headphones that sound superior but aren’t excessively priced. I may have found the perfect trade-off in a pair of Avantree headphones (currently listed for $84.99 on

I received these as an early Christmas present a couple of days ago, and have already run them through numerous tests. The sound quality really is amazing, nice clear sound and good deep bass. They are also over-ear, so outside noise doesn’t leak in easily.

This is the best set of headphones I’ve ever owned.

The Avantree headphones were highly-rated on, and the reviews proved correct. I even connected them to my Apple TV and Avantree’s claim that there is no audio lag is correct. They hold a charge for many, many hours. They are snug but not too tight-fitting. If you’re like me and want high-quality sound but don’t want to fork over several hundred dollars for Bose headphones, these are a home run.

I’m sure Bose, and perhaps even Beats, produce an even higher quality sound, but it’s hard to imagine the sound could be that much better. I just don’t see spending an extra couple hundred dollars for relatively small, incremental improvements in sound quality. I’m perfectly content with Avantree. I’ve listened to classical, jazz, and Rush (its own music genre), and am just amazed.


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