In defense of rich people

Actor George Takei sent out a tacky tweet on Friday castigating Donald Trump for selecting a bunch of rich people to fill out his cabinet. I’m not picking on George specifically, but a large majority of liberals because they honestly believe rich people cannot possibly be “in touch” with the working man. (By the way, according to, George Takei is worth $12M.)

So if liberals don’t want wealthy individuals with accomplished private sector experience running the various government departments, then who do we want? A bunch of homeless people with $0 net worth? We are just wrapping up an 8-year administration of abject failure, with a president who populated his cabinet with academicians whose net worth might not be as high, but also with very little (or no) real world, private sector experience.

The notion that wealthy people cannot properly represent working Americans is typical liberal nonsense. These are precisely the individuals we DO want representing us — people who can actually accomplish things. Given the multiple failures of the Obama administration (94 million Americans not working, ObamaCare imploding, Iranian nukes, etc.), it’s time to ditch the liberal way of doing things and let the rich people run the show for awhile. They can hardly do worse, and my hunch is they are going to do a lot better.


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