Notes on Revelation 10:1-11:3

Man without God is capable of some very deep foolishness.

There are various angels described in Revelation. There are battle angels, there are cherubim and seraphim, etc.

Clouds are often used to shroud majesty. The clouds are like the dust of His feet.

Verse 1 mentions a rainbow as a reminder that God would not flood the entire earth (the Noaic covenant).

Here, John uses various similes to describe God (face is like the sun, feet like pillars of fire).

In verse 2, God has one foot on the sea and one foot on the earth. This is a picture of God’s rule, that He created everything, that He owns it all.

In verse 3, the writer uses thunder (actually, 7 thunders) to personify the voice of God.

Remember, John is in a vision. He’s writing things down as God gives him memory. God doesn’t reveal what these 7 thunders say, so He withholds these things from John.

We are told that an angel raises his hand to heaven, and in verse 6, God’s immortality is emphasized. God has no beginning and no end. Everything that has been created was created by God. The God that made it is the God who controls it.

The voice of the seventh angel is still forthcoming, and in verse 7, we are told that the mystery of God will be finished.

There were various Old Testament prophets who never met one another, who still prophesied the same things about the forthcoming judgment of God. Then as now, the world laughed.

The only good news about the judgment of God is that if you are saved, you don’t have to go through it. Likewise, Hell is not a nice place, and you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.

In verse 9, we are told about a “little book.” An angel tells John to actually eat the book, that it will be sweet in his mouth but bitter in his belly. (When you insist on living in sin you don’t want to hear the truth.) The sweetness is that God will be vindicated through His judgments, but we’re to find no joy in the judgments themselves.

There are many nations and kings and people who must still hear God’s message.

The start of chapter 11 has direct similarities to things we are seeing in the news this very day regarding Israel and the U.N. and the “two-state solution.”

When antichrist breaks his treaty with Israel after 42 months, Israel and Jerusalem will be under siege for the next 3 1/2 years. These events will be Islamically driven.

God will send two witnesses to preach God’s word. He always uses preaching to get people back on track.


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