Obama’s executive orders

It’s no secret that President Obama has relied on Executive Orders to help him create laws and other extra-constitutional measures that he could not get through Congress. The Constitution vests the power of making laws strictly in Congress, but Obama couldn’t always get what he wanted from Congress, so he has relied upon Executive Orders to help him implement his agenda. The Constitution doesn’t grant the president authority to make laws via Executive Order, but neither the Roberts Supreme Court nor the Republican Congress has made any sort of effort to stop him.

The Constitution is the best of its kind ever devised. Even today, nearly 230 years after the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, the wisdom of the Founders is as relevant as ever. Yet the preservation of the Constitution requires the dignity, character and self-restraint of those elected to office, and Obama possesses none of these qualities. Despots like Obama respect neither the rule of law nor the will of the people. So he has never had a problem flouting the Constitution to get what he wants politically. He has long resented the founding document for its “negative liberties.” He believes it restricts government too much and grants too much power to the people.

The good thing about executive orders is that they can be easily undone by other executive order. I’ve said before and will reiterate here, I’d love to see Donald Trump, immediately after taking the oath of office, open a folder and take out his pen and sign a repeal of Obama’s executive orders right there on the podium in front of a giant audience. He could then say, “There! That’s a huge first step toward making America great again.”It would be a well-deserved slap-in-the-face to the outgoing petulant man-child. Trump, of course, won’t go that far. He will repeal many of Obama’s executive orders, but won’t make a display of it. But it would be fun to watch Obama’s legacy of failure start to come unraveled just minutes after officially leaving office.


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