Follow your leaders

Liberal politicians and out-of-touch entertainers are telling you how to live. You (not them) are destroying the environment. You live a modest lifestyle, yet the earth’s fragile atmosphere cannot sustain your modest lifestyle much longer. Their lavish living is miraculously having no negative impact. Your modest living, on the other hand, cannot go on. You have to accept some changes (not them). You are going to have to reduce your lifestyle, drive a smaller car, cut down on your energy use, accept higher taxes, etc.

The politicians and entertainer who are telling you that you are the problem have no intention of reducing their lifestyles. Oh sure, they may purchase carbon offsets to assuage their faux guilt. They have money to throw away on such things, but they aren’t going to reduce their lifestyles or change the way they live one scintilla. You don’t have money to throw away on carbon offsets, so you assuage your guilt by doing the things your leaders are telling you to do.

So you nickel-and-dime your way through your guilt. You set your thermostat a couple of degrees lower in winter and a couple of degrees higher in summer. You purchase a (more expensive) car that gets ten more miles per gallon, or is a hybrid. Perhaps you donate $20 to a green organization to plant a tree somewhere. Guess what, a single chartered flight across the Atlantic by one of those clowns you adore and idolize has just wiped out a lifetime of nickel-and-dime lifestyle changes you so dutifully adhered to. And you thought you were helping to save the planet.


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