Notes on Revelation 11:3-14

Prophecy is not nearly as spooky as many preachers have made it out to be. Revelation promises a blessing to those who read and study this prophetic book.

There is one more trumpet that needs to sound. Each of the seven seals is worse than the last. This is the part of prophecy that begins to mention the destruction of Jerusalem. As goes Jerusalem, so goes the rest of the world.

Verse 3 mentions two witnesses. They prophesy the entire duration of the remaining 42 months of tribulation. By now, the world is in a mess because of all the judgments that have led up until now. The people recognize that judgment is of a divine nation. Yet they do not repent.

Psalm 2:4 says they laugh now, but He will get the last laugh.

The world will never get so bad that God cannot find men to anoint. There’s not a problem in the world that Bible preaching cannot fix. Nothing is so powerful as someone filled with the Holy Spirit who stands up and does what God has called him to do.

There is much speculation as to who the two witnesses are. We don’t know for sure. They could be Elijah and Enoch, since they are the only two individuals who were carried up to heaven without dying, so they technically have not died yet.

The witnesses will be dressed in sackcloth. It is the symbol of contrition. They are calling the world to repent in the midst of judgment. This is what the Old Testament prophets did when Israel was under judgment.

God does not do miracles for skeptics.

The two witnesses are different from the false prophet. Their attire separates them from the rest of the religious leaders, just as in Biblical times.

They are also revivalists. They will be great communicators. They will also be standing before the God of the earth. We are going to give an account for every idle word. If God calls one to preach, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks as long as he is faithful to God.

The two witnesses will also be protected by God. You have to figure that many will want to harm them. The witnesses will be capable of vanquishing their enemies with fire from their mouths.

The witnesses also have to power to “shut heaven” — to cause it to stop raining. They will also be able to turn the water to blood and bring forth “all plagues” at will.

God will not be mocked.

When the two witnesses have completed their testimony (according to the will of God), a demonically-possessed being shall make war against and kill the two witnesses.

Ther are many who question the validity of God’s love and sovereignty. Know that He will raise some people up for life and others up for death (like Stephen, the first martyr). Likewise, the two witnesses will be martyred for their preaching.

We live in an era that hates Bible preaching and Bible-believing Christianity. People hate Bible preaching as much as they hate God.

The corpses of the two dead witnesses will be left in the street of Jerusalem. This is a sign of ultimate disrespect for these two men of God.

Spiritually, God here refers to Jerusalem as Sodom and Egypt because of its sexual perversion and worldly mindset.

Jerusalem is where it all got started, and it’s where it all comes to an end.

The dead bodies of the two witnesses will be visible to the entire world for three-and-a-half days. This will only be possible now because of modern technology. The world will express great joy over the death of the two witnesses.

Throughout all of this is an undercurrent of those who hate Biblical truth.

We are told in verse 10 that there is so much merriment because the two witnesses had caused the people so much torment. Indeed, we have raised a generation of people who have no backbone. People simply cannot handle truth.

After three-and-a-half days — guess what? — the Spirit of life from God enters the two witnesses, they are resurrected, and thus cause great fear. At this point, they ascend to heaven on a cloud, and their enemies will behold them.

Within the same hour, there is a great earthquake (the fourth one in the Bible), a tenth of the city falls and 7,000 men just in Jerusalem are killed. Those who aren’t slain — the remnant — are frightened to the point of giving glory to God.

This was the second “woe.” The third comes quickly, and it will be the worst. At some point, the mercy of God wears thin.


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