The cornerstone of the Christian community (1 Peter 2:18-21)

Peter has so far been teaching us one simple principle thus far: do right. If the world doesn’t want to do right, we still do right. If the church doesn’t want to do right, we still do right.

Honor all men. (This is civility.)

Love the brotherhood. (This is charity.)

Fear God. (This is maturity.)

Honor the king. (This is humility.)

Employees are subject to their employees. You appreciate the job and appreciate the person who gave it to you. This applies not only to the kind bosses, but also to those who treat us poorly.

1. You will always be under some form of authority. Every day of our lives and parents and grandparents seem to get smarter. Even those who run companies are still subject to some authority. If we cannot submit to authority that is in our lives physically, we will never to submit to God spiritually.

God spends a great deal of time on relational connection. That is because we experience so much relational disconnection.

We are to publicly praise those who are in authority over us. We do not demean our employers behind their backs. Those who treat others poorly have had some experience or set of experiences that has clouded their present relationships.

There are things in the Bible that God thanks us for. One of these is to endure grief and wrongful suffering. God will vindicate us for these things. The worst thing we can do when we are wronged is to attempt to vindicate ourselves. Usually, we’ll make a problem worse. Sometimes when you stand up for what is right you will be ridiculed for it.

2. We must not violate our conscience in reference to Biblical principles. For example, if our job demands that we violate our conscience or sin against God, we’d better walk away from it. Most of the problems that come into our lives we do to ourselves. Sometimes we love chaos. All the money in the world should not allure us to walk away from the word of God.

There is suffering for the cause of Christ, and there is suffering because of our own stupidity. There is a difference. If we do something to violate our conscience, there is no glory in it. But if we do as we are supposed to do and are still wronged, it is acceptable to God.

If we suffer, make sure it is for having done something right. We suffer for the sake of righteousness. There are those who will revile us for our devotion to Christ. When we stand up for Christ, people are going to ridicule us, and we had better get used to it because it is going to get a whole lot worse for Bible-believing Christians.

Know that Christ also suffered for us. Even after suffering the ridicule that He was subjected to, Christ never opened His mouth. He didn’t suffer because He was a sinner. He suffered because we are.

Is the foundation of our life strong enough to withstand storms? The question isn’t if we are going to suffer, but how.

3. We are called to suffer with a Christ-like spirit. If you are reprimanded for doing right, keep you mouth shut. This goes against human nature. But this is what Christ did. If you live for God long enough, this will happen to you.

Jesus left us an example of how to suffer. We must learn to suffer as He did. The battle is the Lord’s. Vengeance is His. May we have a submissive attitude.


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