First world troubles

A little over a week ago, a spurious $50 charge showed up on my debit card that I had not made. I caught it early, before it had a chance to actually clear. I immediately called the bank, who immediately canceled my debit card and had a new one sent out. This meant I was without a debit card for several days.

How awful.

I had to borrow my wife’s debit card a couple of times to get gas and go to the ATM. And I put hers into my Apple Pay and Wal-Mart Pay apps so I wouldn’t be completely helpless. As it turned out, being without a debit card for a week wasn’t quite the inconvenience I thought it would be, but it was an inconvenience.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself, and laugh at us as a society. You see, the things we find as inconveniences really aren’t so troubling when you consider the genuine problems others face in less developed regions.

Our “troubles” include things like a low iPhone battery, a television show we wanted to see but can’t get it “on demand,” a low tire, a frigid night when we have to let the water drip, slow (or no) Wifi, and, my favorite, too much food in the refrigerator. (“Oh dear, we’re going to have to eat up all these leftovers before we go shopping again.”)

Seriously, I sometimes get frustrated by these apparent persecutions, too. But then I remind myself I must incredibly blessed if these are the worst things that happen to me from day-to-day.


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