Trump Derangement Syndrome

Not since liberals suffered from Bush Derangement Syndrome during the Era Before Obama have we seen them so unhinged. Honestly, this is wonderful, because the American left is willingly exposing itself to everyone who’s paying attention. The left’s lunatic fringe is fully on display, and they’re doing it to themselves.

First came the derangement following Election Day, when Jill Stein (no doubt a Clinton puppet) attempted to steal the election via a doomed recount endeavor. Then came the effort to sabotage the Electoral College by wooing and intimidating Trump electors. The result was a loss of two Trump electors and five HRC electors, so that maneuver backfired. (Doh!) Then came the attempt to sabotage the actual certification of the electoral votes in the U.S. Senate last week, and that went nowhere, too. Interspersed in all this failed maneuvering has been a feckless attempt by the left to blame the election results on Russian hackers, for which there is and always has been zero evidence. You have Trump getting bashed by the entertainment industry, Trump’s cabinet nominees being savaged for being “too rich,” and all sorts of craziness coming from the crazies on the left.

Now liberals have turned their attention to the confirmation hearings for Trump’s appointees. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s home run choice to serve as Attorney General, is being castigated by the left as a…wait for it…wait for it…RAAAAACIST! Like we’ve never heard that one before. Folks, there isn’t a shred of evidence that could lead one to believe Jeff Sessions has so much as a racist cell in his body. Senator Sessions is a solid conservative who loves the country and will do a fabulous job as AG, especially coming off the corrupt AG’s President Obama had in charge the past 8 years. Jeff Sessions is a fine and decent individual, and to watch these deranged, lunatic leftists attempt to sit in judgment over our next AG is the height of irony.

I’ve heard it said before that liberalism is a mental illness. I completely disagree with this. To put liberals on par with the mentally ill is a slam on the mentally ill. Mental illness is a medical condition that can be effectively treated by medication and/or professional counseling. You cannot cure liberalism with medication. The only cure for liberalism is truth, objectivity, reality, open-mindedness, and logic, and, with few exceptions, liberals reject all of these. Liberalism is a result of maleducation, unhappiness, poor upbringing, any number of external factors and circumstances that cause the human mind to reject what is obvious to the rest of us. I mean, my gosh, they celebrate and rally around the mass killing of the unborn. That by itself should tell you everything you need to know about liberals.

Now that we have the election of Donald J. Trump and the rapid spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome among the American left, their lunacy, their fecklessness, their intolerance, and their closed-mindedness are all on full display right in front of us.


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