Repealing the ACA

Hillary Clinton campaigned on how great ObamaCare was and President Obama lauded his signature government program as he campaigned for HRC. The message was, if you love what we’ve done, then vote for HRC. Of course, HRC lost, and she lost for many reasons, one of which was a repudiation of the socialist agenda. People realize that their insurance premiums didn’t go down as we were promised. They skyrocketed. People who liked their plan didn’t get to keep it, after all. People who didn’t want to purchase medical coverage were forced to, anyway.

Only a Democrat could look at ObamaCare and proclaim it a success, and then circle the wagons in order to protect it. Republicans have tried to repeal ObamaCare before, but could never get it past Obama (obviously). Now we have a president — one week from today! — who campaigned on the promise of repealing ObamaCare. Democrats are now squealing like stuck pigs, unwilling to accept the political reality that we just don’t want ObamaCare, and never did want it.

ObamaCare is simply another entitlement, and once implemented, entitlements are next to impossible to abolish. Let’s hope ObamaCare is different. Democrats are trotting out the usual scare tactics: Republicans are trying to take away your healthcare, so many people are going to die if we repeal ObamaCare, etc. It’s the same argument from the same page of the same Democrat playbook. Except it isn’t working this time.

It’s difficult to lie to the American people about ObamaCare. And the reason is simple. We are all mandated to buy medical coverage one way or another. You can either purchase a government-approved plan or pay a hefty fine to the IRS. There is no third option. The Democrats who gave us ObamaCare and tell us how great it is don’t have to live under the system they have created for the rest of us. The ones who promised to repeal ObamaCare are the ones who got elected two months ago. Democrats never campaigned on ObamaCare. They would have lost if they had. Republicans, on the other hand, did campaign on its repeal, and the people who have to live with the consequences of this failure of a government program elected them with the hope that the American people can be unshackled from ObamaCare.


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