Obama’s legacy

Unaffordable healthcare and massive unemployment. Terrorist attacks and coddling terrorists. Cottoning up to despots and dictators and selling Israel out. Racial divisions and crime in our cities. Blaming the guns. Black lives matter and murdering law enforcement. Regulation and strangling businesses. Executive orders. Men using the ladies room. Shutting down bakeries. Growing the underclass, food stamps and welfare, besmirching those who pay the bills. Participation trophies and snowflakes. Lavish vacations and skimpy school lunches. Illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees. Nobel Peace Prize and 8 years at war. Insane deficit spending and burgeoning national debt. Hating America and stomping on the Constitution. Avoiding responsibility and leaving a mess. Petulance and adult-adolescence. Fast and furious. Sanctuary cities. Blame Bush. Blame Putin.

The result? Trump.


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