Protecting the ones who pay the bills

One of the books I am currently reading is a biography of James Madison, penned by none other than Lynne Cheney (wife of the former Vice President). It is a fascinating read. Most well-written biographies of our Founders and Framers are. I am not yet a third of the way through, just now getting to the part where the Constitution is ratified.

James Madison was one of the writer of the Federalist Papers, written after the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in order to win support for the newly-framed document as it navigated the waters of ratification. One of the quotes that caught my attention asserts,

“[I]n Federalist 10 he emphasized the owning or not owning of property as a source of faction. A stable and just society required that property owners and creditors, though they be a minority, have governmental arrangements that protected their rights….”

In present-day parlance, government has the obligation to put the rights of the ones paying the bills ahead of the rights of those who are receiving “free” stuff. Except that’s not how it works anymore. Unfortunately, American society has devolved to the point that those receiving “free” stuff are allowed to dictate the terms, with the Democrat Party serving as the vehicle.

Take the Affordable Care Act. Republicans just won an election partly on the premise of repealing this behemoth. Democrats are hosting rallies in various cities where protestors are demanding that Donald Trump and the GOP not take away their health care. This is the victim class that is continually paraded around as justification for keeping the “free” stuff in place.

No thought is ever given to the family that just saw its health care premiums double or triple, with a corresponding decrease in benefits. No thought is ever given to the employees who have had their hours cut or entrepreneurs who have had to shutter their businesses because of the prohibitive cost of ObamaCare.

This is immoral. If you are a taxpayer who actually pays for the entitlement programs Democrats have dreamed up, your voice really ought to be heard before the voices of the ones who don’t pay. Even if the ones carrying the load are a minority, their rights and the products of their labor ought to come first. If you are a recipient and you don’t like this mindset, then figure out how you can become a producer. Otherwise, your voice ought to be heard last.


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