Wednesday musings

Thank God for the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

I saw a definition of Islamophobe today I’m going to begin using: “a non-Muslim who knows more than he is supposed to know about Islam.”

“Wise men profit from that which fools waste.” This is how I feel about the Hope Scholarship.

Today it was announced that Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. They are all very much deserving of the honor. The baseball writers get it right pretty much every time.

There are many foreign countries and cities I’d still love to visit someday. Most of them I’ll never get to. But there are also places right here in Middle Tennessee that are calling my name that I’ve not yet seen. Also, the Appalachian Trail.

The American left is in full-scale meltdown. I’m enjoying every second of it.

It was announced that last year’s global temperature was the warmest on record for a 3rd straight year. Don’t believe it for a second. Climate change hucksters have already demonstrated a complete willingness to rig the data. Remember, nearly everything we hear from the mainstream media and establishment politicians is #fakenews.

If you want a more honest set of approval ratings, take Obama’s reported approval rating and subtract at least 20 points. Take Trump’s reported approval rating and add at least 20 points.

The most important thing I’ve learned about volunteering at church is to find one thing you enjoy doing and are good at and do that one thing as well as you can. I’ve volunteered for things at church I did not enjoy and that isn’t good for anyone.

The college textbook industry has a bonafide racket going on.


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