Le quote du jour

It is cool to be blocked by an actual political figure.

That was a tweet sent late last night by a good friend after we were both blocked by Congressman Steve Cohen from Memphis. He is one of two Democrat Congressman from Tennessee. This was, to my knowledge, only the second time I’ve ever been blocked by someone on Twitter.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I don’t engage in vituperative activity. I have in the last few months trolled several (mostly) liberal politicians for the simple reason that I am tired of being lied to by politicians (and the media), and I’ve made the effort, in my own small way, to help correct the record.

Steve Cohen, who is boycotting President Trump’s inauguration — this is a good thing — has lied about the Bush’s not attending the inauguration. Well, they aren’t attending, but they aren’t boycotting the inauguration, as Congressman Cohen would have us believe. It turns out that George H.W. and Barbara Bush are both hospitalized, hence, the Bush family won’t be at the inauguration. I and many others took Rep. Cohen to task for this. He not only kept up the lie, he doubled down on it.

Also, in genuine SJW (social justice warrior) form, Mr. Cohen made it a point to try to project the Democrat Party’s egregiously racist history onto the GOP. I get unnerved when they do this, and I made it my business to point out that the Democrat Party is the party of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation. Democrats own their own history and Republicans don’t want any part of it.

So, in the midst of retweeting some of Rep. Cohen’s tweets with my own comments attached, some element of truth I used to correct him struck a nerve, and I found myself blocked. I’m not upset about it, I just find it humorous. And it is cool to be blocked by an actual political figure.


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