Disconnected (1 Peter 3:1-2)

Marriage itself has been redefined in our culture by those who do not have a Biblical understanding of marriage.

We have the greatest technology and greatest means of communication that have ever existed, but we often cannot even talk to the ones in our own homes. If you cannot get along with your fellow man, chances are you are not right with Father God.

Jesus Christ is the authority figure in our lives.

Verse 1 states that men are the authority figures in their homes. Yet men must give their wives a worthy reason to submit.

1. Husbands are to take the spiritual oversight of the home. Often, our spouse is the most difficult person to pray with.

If Jesus Christ is not the foundation of your marriage, you will not survive the storms that come along in life.

Providing spiritual leadership in the home requires a great deal of grace and humility.

2. Ladies, don’t fall into the trap of submitting to other men more than you do your husband. Communication is the biggest breakdown we have in our homes.

Let a man fail. Sometimes he can learn more from failure than he learns through success.

If a man is unsaved, he can come to love the Lord through his wife’s testimony.

3. One of the most powerful forces on earth is a Godly woman. Part of a lot of people’s testimony is a grandmother or a mother who was praying for them.


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