Notes on Revelation 14:1-12

Backing up for a moment to 12:17 (skipped last week), Satan is opposed to Israel. He seeks to make war with not only Israel, but all those who call themselves children of God. Biblical Christians obey the Bible.

The book of Revelation is a book of self-description. If you don’t understand something, keep reading because the writer is very good at defining his terms.

In 14:1, the Lamb referred to is THE Lamb, the One who gave Himself sacrifcially. Jerusalem is the bread basket of the world, so when you hear Jerusalem mentioned in the news, know that God is winding up for the next step prophetically.

The 144,000 mentioned here are redeemed Jewish evangelists. In verse 3, there is mentioned a song that only the 144,000 could learn. They are also unmarried, because they are all virgins and undefiled with women. God is able to protect them and keep them pure, even during this most perverted and crass of days. (So there is no reason for us not to keep ourselves pure in our current day.)

The 144,000 also follow the Lamb wherever He goes. (Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.) This is the first — the “firstfruits” — of a large group of Jews saved during the tribulation. Let us not let the divinity of God scare us if we are saved, for we are found without fault before the throne of God.

Verse 6 liberally gives us a “global vision,” for the gospel is meant for everyone of every nation and every language and every race. If you die without Christ, then you die without excuse, because God gives us all multiple opportunities to repent.

In verse 8, an angel proclaims that Babylon is fallen. Babylon is the kingdom of antichrist. The first Babylon started at the Tower of Babel. It sparked the idolatry that got progressively worse throughout the Old Testament. (The second Babylon may end up being Rome, the city of seven hills.)

God will destroy the new Babylon for her rebellion. She will be drunk with the wine of wrath.

Verse 9 introduces us to the mark of the beast. Anyone who receives it will also drink the wine of wrath.

God’s holiness makes Him who He is. Judgment may be delayed, but judgment will come.

Those who worship the beast and receive his mark will be tormented forever and will have no rest day or night. (Any preacher who enjoys preaching on judgment is demented.)

We must humble ourselves, and we must repent. We can deny the reality of Hell, but our denial doesn’t change its reality.

If we are not preaching the straight truth of the gospel, then we aren’t preaching what it really is. We are not called to soften the reality of sin. We ought not to feel good, or be made to feel good, about our craziness.

Preaching does not make people rebellious. It simply reveals the rebellion that is already there.

The saints are the ones who keep God’s commandments and the faith of Jesus. God is going to be vindicated and get His glory at the end. Christianity is not about us being right, but about God being right.


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