Friday musings

Donald Trump has been in office exactly one week and already the U.S. is winning more than I ever thought possible in so short a time. Whereas economic malaise and mediocrity were “the new normal” under Obama, winning is quickly becoming “the new normal” under President Trump.

The left is in complete meltdown and disarray. It’s as though President Trump took a baseball bat to a beehive and now now we have an American left swarming like crazed bees, not knowing what to do nor where they or going nor what has even happened in the first place.

Second Chronicles ends with the idolatrous Jews being carried away from their homeland into exile and bondage. Mosaic law prescribed that the land was to be allowed its rest every seven years, and again once every fiftieth year in the Year of Jubilee. Thus, land was to be worked 42 out of every 50 years, with 8 years set aside for rest. Apparently, the Jews ignored this law for many centuries, because we are told in 2 Chronicles that “…the land enjoyed its Sabbath rest all he days of the desolation until 70 years were fulfilled.”

I’ve been blessed to have avoided ailments from running for quite some time. It’s not something I take for granted. For the first time in a long time, I had to cut Sunday’s run short after developing a cramp in my right calf. That has never happened before. I’ve dealt with various other ailments over the years, but never that one. The only thing to do is take a few days off so as not to aggravate it. Half-marathon training begins in a little over a month, and I can ill-afford any lasting ailments. 

Tennessee truly is an international state. We have several towns and communities named for famous cities all over the world: Moscow, Paris, Belfast, Memphis, Troy, Athens, Dresden, Verona, Milan, and probably a few others.


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