There is no Muslim ban

You might have heard that President Trump has banned Muslims from entering the country. Don’t believe a word of it. It isn’t true. He has placed a temporary ban on refugees from seven Muslim nations which harbor terrorists — nations previously identified by the Obama administration — while we put in place means for thoroughly vetting genuine refugees so that terrorists don’t take advantage of our benevolence and goodwill and turn the refugee stream into a Trojan horse.

It makes sense to me. It probably makes sense to you. But, for some reason, this line of thinking doesn’t make sense to liberal Democrats. They have instead turned President Trump’s common sense executive order — which he campaigned on, by the way — into a false “Muslim ban” meme. It’s just more #fakenews. The fact is, a large majority of Muslim nations are unaffected by the ban. Another fact is, President Obama put in place a similar six-month ban on Iraqis back in 2011 — to the apparent consternation of no one.

Now we have George Soros-funded protesters camped out at airports, even though only a few Muslims have been detained, and with most of those being let through. Only a handful have been sent back. As is the case with more or less everything the left protests, this is much ado about nothing. It’s fake outrage over a fake issue that they have entirely contrived.

News coverage is rigged to appear as though most of the country is outraged by President Trump’s executive order. But know this: liberal Democrats and their for-hire protesters — most of whom, I would wager, don’t even know what they’re protesting — are in the minority. Democrats just got hammered at the polls. They are a clear minority at the national level, and at the overall state level. Despite what you hear and see from #fakenews outlets, those of us who agree with President Trump are in the majority — bigly. This was an issue that he campaigned on and won a near-electoral landslide, and don’t think for a second the voters have suddenly turned on Trump. This is why we voted for him, and he is making good on his campaign promises in rapid-fire succession.

There is something you need to understand about liberal Democrats who are wringing their hands and shedding tears over President Trump’s executive order. Either they don’t comprehend the threat posed by unvetted refugees who come from nations that harbor terrorists — and just look at what is going on in Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, etc. as proof, or they do understand the threat and choose to undermine the United States, anyway. And I honestly don’t know which is worse.

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