Temporarily ending my NFL boycott

I have boycotted the NFL since the preseason, when Colin Kaepernick and a flood of players began sitting for the national anthem. My interest in the NFL had already been in decline for a few years given the overt politicaization of the NFL by the league itself and by the sports media. The national anthem controversy finally pushed me over the edge.

But I am temporarily ending my boycott of the NFL for the Super Bowl so that I can pull for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Normally, I would be for the Atlanta Falcons because they have never won a Super Bowl and the Patriots have won four. Plus, I’ve never been a Patriots fan.

Tom Brady is being excoriated by the sports media for his support of Donald Trump. And he never even campaigned for President Trump — not in the same fashion that LeBron James campaigned for Hillary Clinton, for example. He was simply found with a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker and now the sports media believe it is their duty to hold him accountable for his politics, when Tom Brady isn’t even politicking.

You never see the sports media react this way toward players who openly support liberal causes and/or liberal candidates. But the sports media are just like the rest of the media, and their bias is completely over the top regarding Brady and his MAGA hat. It’s none of their business what a player’s politics happen to be, liberal or conservative, and the fact that they are reacting so vehemently toward Tom Brady is illustrative of the ruinous effect the sports media have on actual sports.

Tom Brady doesn’t owe the sports media or anyone else an explanation for his support of Donald Trump. It’s his business, and that they want to make it theirs has put me firmly in Tom Brady’s corner for Super Bowl LI.


One thought on “Temporarily ending my NFL boycott

  1. Growing up in a house of Jets fans, I somehow became a Giants fan. However, I internalized the hatred Jets fans hold for the Patriots and that is my visceral instinct now. It enhanced my joy when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl several years ago. Nevertheless, I’ve always liked Brady and Bellichek and a few other Patriots players. Now this lefty libtard lunacy has actually turned me into a Patriots fan for this game. For the first time, I’m actually rooting for the Patriots. This is big for me; almost as earth-shattering as me, as a Yankees fan, ever rooting for the Red Sox, but not quite as dramatic as that would be, and I don’t foresee any scenario where that would actually happen, But I never thought I’d see Donald Trump as our President either.

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