Let’s hear it for school choice!

Betsy DeVos was confirmed today as President Trump’s education secretary, sending Democrats into fits of hysteria. The vote was 51-50, with Vice President Pence casting the tie-breaking vote. This is a good thing. Democrats have been sticking it to urban minorities for 50+ years, keeping them chained to failing public schools, all in the name of protecting teachers’ unions. They say she is going to be bad for public education and that she will destroy our public schools. What they really mean is that Ms. DeVos is going to be bad for liberalism. You see, the Democrats’ solution to fixing our public schools, especially those that serve minorities in our inner cities, is more of what doesn’t work. She favors school choice (i.e., vouchers). At one time, Washington, D.C. had a school voucher program that was quite successful — until President Obama killed it. Yes, liberals, who claim to be pro-choice, are decidedly against school choice.

If you honestly believe Ms. DeVos is capable of destroying public education as head of the DOE, then can we agree that the DOE has too much power? Why don’t we dismantle the DOE and return authority over our public schools to the states and local school districts, and get the federal government completely out of public education. But if we have to have a DOE, then let’s try something different for once. Let’s try school choice and voucher programs and give the parents of these kids who are trapped in Democrat-run union-clamped failing public schools an escape hatch.

What are you afraid of, Democrats?


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