Rigged climate data

A former NOAA climatologist has blown the whistle on his former employer, accusing the government agency of rigging temperature data to hide a pause in observed warming between 1998 and 2013. This is very similar to the revelation years ago that climate politicians scientists at the East Anglia U. had been rigging climate data to show dramatic recent warming that simply did not exist.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. Global warming hucksters who claim that the debate is over and that man-made climate change is irrefutable have to rig the data to support their scare tactics theory that human activity is altering the climate in an adverse way, because the actual data don’t support their claims. They also accuse those of us “deniers” who disagree with them of being “against science,” when the most unscientific thing you can do is falsify data to support a preconceived conclusion. Skepticism in science is both healthy and necessary, yet the left dismisses skepticism with derision.

Folks, if man-made climate change were the slam-dunk, open-and-shut case leftists claim it to be, there would be no need to rig the data. The data would be able to stand on its own. But the data don’t support the fear-mongering tactics. Yet climate change hucksters cling to the theory-as-fact, regardless, and are quick to point to a “consensus of scientists” meme. Man-made climate change is and has always been purely political. It is obvious that actual science doesn’t support it, hence the need to rig the data.


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