Disconnected (1 Peter 3:8-11)

We’ve been taking about the idea that we live in a technology savvy day when we can communicate with anyone anywhere but we are too often disconnected in our own homes.

Let the husband and father be the spiritual leader in his household.

When the learn to Biblically communicate with one another, things begin to happen and God will revive our marriages and our homes.

1. Unity in our church community is a major command from God. We are to be of the same mind. This is the only place in the entire Bible where this specific wording is used. (Be ye of one mind.) Imagine being in a church where the people are not of the same mind. Sometimes there is too much distinction and not enough harmony.

Sometimes we misunderstand what it means to have compassion. We are to have compassion for the homeless and downtrodden, for sure, but we are foremost expected to have compassion for the very ones already in the church. You can’t properly love the people “out there” until you properly love the ones “in here.” Love the brethren, for we are a family in the body of Christ. There is an immediate connection among believers.

Love is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to navigate through conflict. Stop having pity parties and feeling sorry for yourself. When you feel pity, let it be for others. We cannot feel sorry for ourselves, because God is too good, life is too short, and somebody else already has it worse.

Be courteous and kind and soothing toward others. Don’t let the entire world know if you’re mad at someone or something. If you want people to smile at you then smile at them. If you want forgiveness, then give it. If you want to be blessed, then be a blessing.

If someone cuts you down with some kind of evil deed, you do not retaliate with more hurt. You will accentuate the situation. Gone are the days of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Pray for your enemies instead. Your reward will be great. This is in the context of the local church, but it is also in the context of your marriage.

The church of Acts was in one accord. This is our example even today.

2. We are blessed to be a blessing. Our calling is to be a blessing. This is why God blesses us in the first place. We are to give rather than take away. If you can’t handle a little bit of something (money, criticism), you certainly won’t be able to handle a lot of something.

If you bless others when God blesses you, He will “pack your sack.” The very nature of God is giving. Giving is not always about the person you are giving to, but it’s about you instead.

God is good to us, and there is no reason not to enjoy life.

We are told to “eschew evil.” In it’s original context, “eschew” means “shun.” We are to shun evil. Being is shunned by others is not a pleasant experience. So that’s what we are to do to evil.

3. Life at its fullest is lived by speaking no deception, hating all corruption and minimizing our divisions. (Personal aside: deception, corruption and divisions are everything I hate about politics.) Seek peace. Non-churchgoers avoid church because of double-talk within the church: saying one thing and doing another. Shun the sins of the flesh. If we leave it up to our flesh, it will choose sin 100 times out of 100.

We don’t deal with sin the way God deals with sin because we don’t see sin the way God sees it. We try to rename sin. We try to justify it. Our sin is bloated, infested, diseased like a carcass. If we saw sin this way, we would deal with it the way God wants us to.


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