Why the polar ice caps will never entirely melt

If you ever want a modicum of truth regarding the climate change hoax, look toward the British media. They do what the American media never do: they occasionally report the truth.

We’ve been warned for decades that runaway global warming was going to melt the ice caps and flood the coasts. Climate change hucksters are still trying to scare their gullible minions into believing this.

Just last year, a British climate change huckster warned that the Artic ice cap would completely melt during the summer of 2016 — 100% of it. He was wrong. It didn’t happen. It didn’t even come close to happening. This is how it goes with climate change “forecasts.” They never some true.

Yet, when figures were released for the yearly minimum on September 10, they showed that there was still 1.6 million square miles of sea ice (4.14 square kilometres), which was 21 per cent more than the lowest point in 2012.

Yet how many gullible, unsuspecting liberals believe that the polar ice caps will entirely melt during summer?

It simply isn’t possible, and here’s why:

It isn’t summer at the North Pole at the moment, but it is summer at the South Pole, so let’s check the weather down there. Vostok, Antarctica is a Russian research station located about 800 miles from the actual South Pole. The current temperature there is -41F. The ten-day forecast doesn’t call for the temperature to rise above -25F. That’s 57 degrees below freezing. And it’s summer down there. Even the craziest global warming forecast calls for only a few degrees of warming over the next several decades. But in order to melt the ice at Vostok, it would have to warm more than 50 degrees. Therefore, it is impossible for polar ice to completely melt during summer.

But manmade climate change isn’t about science. As you can see, science completely destroys the climate change hoax. It’s purely a political issue perpetrated by leftists in order to get everything they want politically: higher taxes, bigger government, loss of individual liberty.


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