Canceling #fakenews

Yesterday, I canceled my digital subscription to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, formerly Tennessee’s paper-of-record. Since the election, the CA has become nothing but a megaphone of the anti-Trump left, and that’s more or less what I told them this morning when they asked why I was canceling (albeit politely).

The lady with whom I spoke asked my if I had considered writing a letter-to-the-editor. I told her I didn’t think one person voicing a contrary opinion would change anything (or ten or a hundred or a thousand, for that matter). “Y’all are gonna do what y’all are gonna do,” I told her. Rush Limbaugh has said more than once that the news media is the one industry where the customer is always wrong, and so it doesn’t matter who cancels.

I began subscribing about two years ago because of the CA’s coverage of Memphis sports. But it’s just not worth it anymore. Granted, it was only costing me $4.99/month, but I don’t read #fakenews even when it’s free, and I certainly don’t want even a nominal amount of my money going to support a #fakenews organization. I’ll get my Memphis news from some other source.

You see, it’s become nearly impossible to find genuine news. That’s the state in which journalism finds itself. And it doesn’t matter how many people cancel their subscriptions. What consumers think is irrelevant. The entire purpose of mainstream journalism is to produce #fakenews with a hard-left tilt. The news media are the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, just as BLM is its militant wing (a role once filled by the KKK).

At the CA, coverage of state politics has become almost non-existent. I relied on the CA for this, too. Even its coverage of local news is often contaminated by an anti-Trump element. And I just couldn’t take it anymore.


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