Adding “politiscientist” to the lexicon

You’ve heard it said that a consensus of scientists agrees that manmade climate change is real and that we must “do something.” The problem I have with this is twofold. First, science isn’t up for a vote. Science is simply what is. Consensus isn’t science. Consensus is politics. Second, I submit to you that most scientists who prescribe to the idea of manmade climate change are politically motivated to do so, and I am going to begin referring to them as “politiscientists.” What causes them to adhere to the left’s climate change hoax usually involves money. Yes, follow the money. Scientists have to earn a living like the rest of us, and many of them rely on grant money from government and/or academe for their studies and livelihood. Government and academe are two of the “Big Three” perpetrators of the climate change hoax (media being the third). And so government and academe are looking not for honest scientific climate research, but research which produces the desired and predetermined result of manmade climate change. Sometimes, this even involves rigging past observed meteorological data when it doesn’t line up with the desired and predetermined results. Thus, the “scientists” who are involved in propagating the climate change hoax may be actual scientists, but they are politicians first, and shall heretofore be labeled with the moniker “politiscientists.”


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